ATTN COUNCILLORS: Reach Your Entire Electorate in 2021

How to reach your entire LGA with a multi-channel marketing strategy for this year’s election campaign.

Looking to have your campaign present across multiple channels? Wondering how you can reach all voters? Want to increase community trust?

A multi-channel approach will ensure you reach your electorate across all touch points. The more times your campaign is seen the more likely your message will be recalled. This means delivering your campaign message across multiple channels using, for example, direct mail, outdoor advertising, social media marketing, television, radio and newspaper.

Reaching your electorate is step one, but how you do it is step two.

72% only engage with personalised messaging

72% say they only engage with personalised messaging (Source: Forbes)

How are you personalising your message? Are you segmenting and tailoring your message to each demographic in your electorate?

 “Speech belongs half to the speaker, half to the listener.”
– Michel de Montaigne (Philosopher)

Storytelling is in our DNA and we understand how to harness the power of your message to evoke a response from your listener.

GDR Group uses a multi-channel approach to maximise reach and engagement and we have been local area marketing specialists since 1980. From print and distribution to digital marketing we can target your audience, with a tailored message across the best channels for your election campaign.

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Reach Your ENTIRE Audience

Your audience uses multiple channels when consuming media. From finding information online to watching adverts on TV. From listening to radio adverts to reading their local paper and mail. Whilst we’re sure you already know your community accesses information differently, it’s time to think about how you can design your campaign to maximise reach across a plethora of touchpoints.

88% of Australians are active internet users (source: Statista), but what about the remaining 12%?

It’s vital that you do not leave any corner of your electorate in the dark. A multi-channel marketing strategy will reach all your potential voters so that they SEE, HEAR and CHOOSE YOU.


Develop A Unified Message

Much like a business your campaign is reflecting your brand. Consistency across your campaign will increase recall, credibility and trust. But your message must be:


66% believe transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand (source: Oberlo)


77% align with a brand that share the same values as them (source: Oberlo)

Our goal is always the same, to make your marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results. Email us today to find out more 😉

Each element of your marketing strategy is one part of a “whole” message. Find out more about: The Changing Landscape of Local Council Communications including direct mail vs. eDMs.


Use Video And Increase Engagement

Video content is THE most engaging way to reach your audience. With one-third of total internet users on YouTube and one-third of online activity is spent watching video (source: WordStream).

Video holds 5x more attention

Video can hold attention 5x more than photo content (source: Forbes) with 66% ranking video as the most effective form of content (source: Forbes).

So how can you share your election campaign message using an emotive video that commands the attention of your electorate? Get in touch to find out more.




Find out more about why you should use videos here.


Harness Your Creativity

Your 2021 election campaign must STAND OUT. Here’s a few ideas to think about:

  • Go LIVE on Facebook / Instagram to stream to your followers and answer any questions that they may have. Then take it further with an AMA (ask me anything) to have your audience ask questions about your life that aren’t politically related to better humanise your campaign and build relationships
  • Use creative shapes in your direct mail campaign so that your message STANDS OUT in your electorate’s letterbox

Let’s get creative together!

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