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Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Customer

The COVID-19 pandemic may not be over yet BUT the Great Aussie Summer is fast approaching. Consumer perceptions are indicating a marketing opportunity like no other with a need to look forward to something – that thing being the festive period (source: AdNews).

Your advertising budget could be put to good use today!


Let GDR show you how


Travel advertising is already making a comeback to tap into these consumer insights. Domestic travel advertising is surging. The SMI (Standard Media Index) is reporting higher demand in July than last year and an even stronger August.

Domestic travel is surging

The time is NOW to prepare for tomorrow’s customer and reflect on how you CAN and WILL be more prepared for a crisis.

Yes, it can feel overwhelming and like the world is against you but through strong leadership and empowering your team to take ownership of the part they play can keep the dream alive. Tough decisions may be ahead but as Benjamin Franklin once said:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Well, you don’t need to fail! GDR is here to hold your hand and keep turning your dreams into reality.


Here’s your checklist to be more prepared for the unknown:


There are early indications of an Australian Christmas like we’ve never seen before. Put your advertising budget to good use today to speak to the Australian identity – built on the Great Aussie Summer. Create a powerful campaign and marketing message encouraging your customers to dream about their future to attract them to spend with you when they’re ready.

This holiday season 73% of Australians will shop online regardless of a return to lockdown and

28% will increase their spend on
holiday purchases in 2020!


73% of Australians will shop online

(source: AdNews)

Now’s the time to launch your go-to-market campaign ready to entice tomorrow’s customer.
Did we mention embracing digital can make you 26% more profitable than your competitors?
(source: Forbes)

Embrace digital and be 26% more profitable


Refer to our top 10 tips to take advantage of digital marketing and together we can level up your business:

Your Guiding Light to an Outstanding Online Media Strategy



Step back. Why do you do what you do? What is your point of difference? Your story is the most important aspect of your brand and the one that appeals most to your customers’ emotions will win.

“Companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85%.” (Source: Forbes)


Outperform your competitors by 85%


In uncertain times re-aligning with your vision will bring you back on the path to success.

GDR are the magicians of story-telling

Get in touch to find out how we can transform your business in the face of adversity by elevating your brand’s USP.



Like any strong relationship, communication is key! Talk to your employees and colleagues to minimise panic and give them the tools and power to feel calm that you’re leading them confidently through troubled waters. Then with your clients and customers be proactive in advising and reassuring them so that you maintain their confidence.

If you haven’t prepared your business for another crisis, now is the time to take lessons learned and design a strong plan. Your business will be stronger and healthier because of your work.

P.S. This relates to your social media channels too! If your brand vanishes off Facebook your customers may believe you’re no longer in business and all that work you did to grow and establish your audience will, unfortunately, be for nothing. Need help? Just email me – Nick 😀



You may be inclined to respond to big problems with bold moves BUT the small wins can amass and drive your business forward quicker than you think.

Being nimble and agile as a crisis unfolds will give your business the momentum to shift and pivot when and where needed.

Partner with GDR for an efficient and high-quality service

We will be honest with you to help you recognise what is working and achieve quick wins together, as well as larger opportunities on where to go next. Together we can look ahead and stay flexible to maximise success.



Take time for the three Rs –

Reflect, Reassess, Refresh

Creating a crisis management handbook will give you the time to reflect on what’s happened and how you have dealt with this. Reassessing your business objectives in your handbook will allow you to plan for tomorrow. You may currently have those processes in play right now to allow your business to function during COVID-19. Record these in your handbook. This will then give you the power to refresh what your business is doing when needed so that it’s always operating at its optimum.

What has changed? What still needs changing? How do you keep moving?

A good starting point is our 5 Step Guide to Manage the COVID-19 Crisis, with transferable messages for any challenge that needs overcoming due to unexpected circumstances.

Call us now for your FREE marketing diagnostic consultation to set your goals for the short, medium, and long term.


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