12 Steps to Direct Mail Campaign

Perfect your Direct Mail Campaign in 12 Steps

The Anatomy of the perfect Direct Mail Campaign in 12 Steps When it comes to marketing, direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach your current and prospective customers. In fact, consumers have cited direct mail as more effective in influencing purchase decisions...

Letterbox Distribution

From Design to Letterbox Distribution

10 Steps to creating your Print and Letterbox distribution campaign with GDR Group GDR Group are experts in designing and printing, our talented team know the best ways to engage with audiences, and our graphic design team can bring your brand to life. To read more...

GDR Letterbox Marketing

Should you still use letterbox distribution and marketing?

Letterbox distribution and marketing There are so many marketing options available for small businesses today when trying to reach their customers. From a more traditional approach such as letterbox marketing (flyer printing and distribution) to running paid ads on Facebook. In fact, the choice is often...