Demand Attention With TV and Radio Advertising

How your business WILL benefit from a TV and radio advertising campaign

TV and radio advertising is a trusted form of marketing that can be powerful, emotive and demand action from you customer. Your brand will be seen in your audience’s home and when memorable can be that catchy jingle that gets stuck in their head for weeks on end.

Over 13 million Australians tune into commercial free-to-air television every day, reaching 92% of the population every month (source: Free TV). When it comes to radio, 10 million Australians listen to a commercial radio station for at least one hour every week (source: Radio Results). With a regular, committed audience TV and radio ads will give your brand ultimate exposure.

The ROI on using TV can be as strong as 300 – 500%

The ROI on using TV can be as strong as 300 – 500% (Source: Chron) with Australian’s ThinkTV claiming that:

“TV returns average sales of $1.70 for every dollar invested in the FMCG category. The return is even greater for automotive which delivers $8.90 while finance sees an ROI of $5.30.”

While radio advertising delivers an average ROI of +17% more than online (source: Radio Live)

What does this mean? When done well, TV and radio will be a vital part of your multi-channel marketing strategy. Read on for more reasons why!

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.”
– Leo Burnett (Renowned Advertising Executive)

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Consumers EXPECT Radio & TV Advertising

Radio reaches 95% of Australians within the 5 metro capital cities each week (Source: Radio Alive)

TV and radio has an incredible and guaranteed reach.

On average each household has 6.7 screens (source: ThinkTV) and 69% have one or more radios in their home (Source: Radio Alive).

Unlike digital advertising you can see and hear your advert when you expect it.

TWO THIRDS of radio listeners are open to advertising, the highest across any form of media. Not only that, radio advertising has been seen to have an immediate effect.

One study suggests that over three quarters (78%) of those who hear a radio ad targeted to them took some form of digital activity within 24 hours

One study suggests that over three quarters (78%) of those who hear a radio ad targeted to them took some form of digital activity within 24 hours (Source: Radio Alive).

And you may be surprised to hear that:

TV is 2.4x as effective as social video at driving sales impact (source: ThinkTV)

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GREAT Radio & TV Advertising Campaigns

A good advertising campaign will be remembered and with a simple message it can be everlasting! Here are a couple of examples of some memorable TV and radio advertisements that we’re sure you would have seen and heard before. BUT have you asked WHY did they do so well?

Maltesers’ “Fan” TVC

This Maltesers ad has been playing for over 7 years! Its simplicity yet quirkiness portrays their brand story in a timeless campaign that personifies their tag line: the lighter way to enjoy chocolate.

THE example showing how ONE asset can stand the test of time.

The execution continues Maltesers’ strategy of using humorous creative to get across the message that the chocolates are light, tasty and fun.

Bonds’ “Lullaby News” Radio Ad

Bonds’ product awareness campaign for their Wondercool baby range (2020) delivered a clever multi-layer execution.

The Wondercool baby range was created with adaptive cooling fabric to help your baby sleep. Taking this one step further their ad was created with the importance of sleep for both the baby and the parent in mind.

Children’s lullabies were recorded each morning replacing the well-known lyrics to, for example, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with current headlines to played during your child’s afternoon nap. The main intention of the campaign to give news updates to parents in a way that won’t disrupt children from their napping.

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Radio & TV Advertising Has Less Competition

Compared with other digital advertising channels, such as Search Engine Marketing, you may be paying to play, which means, a competitor may outbid your advert. However, with TV and radio advertising you are paying for certainty and your message will be seen and heard on its own.

You control:

– When your ad will be played (such as during the commute to and from work when people are most likely to be in their car listening to the radio)
– How often your ad will be played
– What TV and radio channels your ad will be played on (including playback TV ensuring digital reach for your campaign too)


With radio and TV ratings, each channel also knows when their audience is tuning in and who they are. This will add another layer to your targeted campaign.

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How GDR Group Can Help You

At GDR, our boutique multi-channel media agency has expertise not just in TV and radio advertising but in all channels. We will tell your story using the best marketing solution for your business. Think of us as your marketing sidekick, with you every step of the way.

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