Direct Mail Achieves 12% HIGHER ROI with Multi-Channel Marketing


With 92% of all direct mail read in Australia it is a valuable piece of your multi-channel marketing strategy. Here’s how direct marketing can benefit your business.

Print media is being overlooked in today’s world. There is a common misconception that it’s outdated and is labeled by some as unnecessary in a multi-channel strategy. BUT did you know more demographics engage with this kind of marketing than you may think? Read on to find out more.

Your business may be more likely to use digital marketing however, direct mail will allow you to target a LARGER audience with more INTENSITY.

“I am part of everything that I have read”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Your consumer will appreciate every time they read and see your brand as part of a targeted and well-researched mission to connect with your most responsive audience.

It is a known fact that print advertising achieves higher levels of brand recognition than other forms of marketing (source: Marketing Sherpa) and with a 92% read rate, your business should be taking more notice of the power of direct marketing as part of your multi-channel strategy.

92% of Direct Mail is read

(source: openuptomail)

Your audience will engage with printed campaigns and this will only benefit your wider marketing strategy.


How Direct Marketing Fits In Your Multi-Channel Strategy

A balanced multi-channel plan increases brand recall and the touchpoints that your customers will experience your business. This ensures that your company is always top of mind when your customer is ready to purchase your product.

Achieve 12% Higher ROI with Direct Mail As Part of Your Multi-Channel Strategy (source: Marketing Charts)

With an incredible ROI, print marketing should be a major chapter in your marketing story.

More leads are generated from direct mail too with “mail response rates consistently exceeding the 2% response rate of all digital channels combined.” (source: openuptomail)


With over 40 years in the business of direct mail, a trusted partner of Australia Post and our own network of GPS tracked GDR Walkers we can design, print and distribute your next print campaign. GDR Group is a creative multi-channel marketing agency that can execute your print and distribution as part of your wider multi-channel strategy. Let us create your next campaign so that it reaches your customer, is memorable and highly effective.

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Why Your Business Should Use Direct Mail – THE FACTS

We’re here to present the facts to help YOU decide why you NEED direct mail as part of your marketing strategy.

P.S. The below may make you question why your last print campaign may have not achieved what you wanted but if you call us today we can explain way.

90% of millennials take notice of direct mail

81% aged 14+ and 90% of millennials in Australia read and pay attention to direct marketing (source: openuptomail)

This is down to a multitude of reasons including the fact that it’s now less frequent to receive mail and there’s an overload of information online. Forbes states also that across the globe direct mail is thriving as 77% of millennials ‘pay attention to’ and are more likely to ‘read and show their mail to others’ than any other generation. It’s now cool and rather vintage to engage with print marketing, especially when it’s printed using ethically sourced, recyclable and reusable materials.

Instead of a standard paper flyer why not send something out that can be reused as part of your customer’s journey in buying your product or service? We can help.


Direct mail remains in households for 38 days

(source: openuptomail)

Let’s break it down. Your direct mail campaign could be present in your customer’s homes for up to 38 days compared with them seeing it ONCE online as a Facebook advert or on other channels. But remember, as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy if your customer sees your print campaign followed by heading online and seeing your advert there you are increasing the frequency that they see your product. Thus they WILL be more likely to recall your brand and therefore purchase your product or service as you are top of mind in comparison to your competitors.


Print Can Be Innovative Too

Print allows you to reach your customer in their home. It cuts through the digital noise and prospers a more personable, memorable relationship with your campaign and your audience. Through direct mail, you are using a different angle to reach your audience that has a HIGH rate of ENGAGEMENT increasing your lead generation.

AND it can be innovative too whilst interacting with your online campaigns. Have you thought about using creative shapes that deliver impact for your brand and demands attention? Or QR codes to link directly to landing pages and videos? Or even short links and 1800 numbers unique to your print campaign? All of these contribute to being able to track the success of your advert.

From ideation to execution GDR Group can ensure your campaigns are noticed. Email us today 😉


What GDR Group Can Do For You

As a boutique, creative agency with 200+ years of combined experience and knowledge we will:

🔎 Find your AUDIENCE

📣 Amplify and refine your MESSAGE

📰 EXECUTE your campaign

Together your story will be noticed with IMPACT using the channels most beneficial to your business.

Get in touch today to launch your next high-achieving and effective direct mail campaign as part of your wider marketing strategy today.

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