GDR’s Findability seminar series comes to a close

Findability Seminar Series GDR Group

GDR Group’s Findability seminar series comes to a Close

That’s a wrap! Between the 12th and the 15th of September, GDR Group hosted a series of Findability marketing seminars led by distinguished SEO expert, Heather Lutze.

GDR who has an exclusive Australian partnership with Heather and her Findability University ran a total of 7 seminars across 4 days, hosting Australian small businesses and digital marketing professionals to teach them all about how to become more ‘findable’ online (and stay there).

Heather Lutze is a widely acclaimed marketing speaker, trainer and consultant in search engine optimisation (SEO) and website marketing. She is also the award-winning author of three books – The Findability Formula, Thumbonomics and Marketing Espionage.

Heather’s Findability Formula half day seminar looked to teach attendees how to optimise their website and online presence to create the best results for their businesses and become the most findable. Participants left with an arsenal of practical and implementable tips, tricks and tools that will have an immediate impact on their website and SEO – from top performing keyword research to effective pay per click advertising.

Heather’s Thumbonomics seminar focused solely on the technical side of social media marketing and the profound impact it can have on your Search Engine Optimisation strategy. With great advice regarding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube strategies, as well as general social media marketing tips and tricks, participants were able to easily understand why social media is important for their business and how to utilise it properly. Attendees left learning the art of mastering mobile marketing tactics and how to receive ROI from social media campaigns.

“I absolutely love the attitude of the Australian people,” said Heather. “They’re so excited, they’re engaged. They really want to learn all about how to get found online.”

“GDR Group is an excellent group of people to work with. I love being able to work with them to serve their Australian clients and make them the most findable businesses in their field.”

To learn more about what GDR Group can offer in these fields, check out our Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing services, or call and speak to one of our experts; 1800 657 797.

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