#myreelhome – This is a radical approach to selling real estate. Using a warm, personal approach, these videos showcase the home from the perspective of the owner and takes potential buyers on a real journey through the eyes, heart and experience of the vendor.


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We were given 24 hours’ notice…Krissy would be available at only this time. GDR’s film crew were on location and in place. We had 2 hours to setup, shoot the interview and all the shots need to make a world class video for our prestigious client. Done and Done! Post production had its challenges but only because we were trying to create something that had never been done in a real estate video before…within two weeks the final product was in the can and live across all digital media channels, websites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and real estate sites in Australia, China and targeted countries. Combined with the traditional advertising channels, newspapers, flyers, etc. this campaign provided Krissy Marsh the widest possible exposure to the most relevant and targeted demographic as well as a lucrative audience for the upcoming auction of her luxury home in March 2017.


If you would like GDR to create a similar, bespoke video for you or your client, Contact Us on 1800 657 797

E: gdrstories@gdrgroup.com.au

When setting up our multi-channel digital campaign for Krissy March and wanting to give it maximum exposure across the internet and social media, it was important to cut a shorter, teaser version of the main video to post on Instagram and Facebook. Just the same way that blockbuster movies use trailers to lure viewers to their movies, GDR applied the same concept to attract as many potential buyers whilst structuring the campaign to target the demographics that were “MOST LIKELY” to be interested in a high-end, luxury property.


If you would like GDR to create a similar, bespoke video for you or your client, Contact Us on 1800 657 797

E: gdrstories@gdrgroup.com.au


It is where the art of storytelling meets the intensity and truth of YOUR real life.


Where words, images, video and music are crafted into a simple, moving picture anecdote.


The result is a compelling and powerful tale that inspires, connects with others and allows people to get to know you and/or your business.

Our storytelling goal is to ensure that people’s perception of you makes them want to do business with you first, buy from you, auto-select you above other options.

You become their first choice, NOT an option.

If you want to stand out as a business leader or to position your business above your competitors, then you need GDR’s sophisticated, storytelling stylists.

With multi-award winning journalist and filmmaker, Daizy Gedeon, as your Creative Director at the helm of our Stories team, you are guaranteed a final cut production that is world class.

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