Scouts Queensland group delivers Yellow Pages


Wilson Scout Group’s participation in the delivering the Yellow Pages

Wilston Scout Group (a leg of Scouts Queensland) was established in 1914 with about 25 Scouts of varying ages and one leader, SM Murphy. That core group of original Scouts made 180,000 bandages for World War I and were presented with a beautiful troop flag for their amazing efforts.

The Wilston Scout Den was constructed by families and the community in 1947 and is still home to the Wilston Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Possums to this day! There are currently 50 children involved in the Wilston Scout Group.

A strong sense of community is evident within this group. For the past 15 years, they have been involved in the distribution of the White Pages phone books as a key fundraiser for the group, with one family now in their 12th year of participation! While they also undertake chocolate drives and sausage sizzles, Coordinator Cathie Barton said that while these are good fundraising ventures, the White Pages distribution is a better opportunity to get everyone involved, with flexible times to suit each family. Despite enjoying the distribution project, most people are equally excited when it is over because it takes a great deal of time, effort, co-ordination and commitment to make sure it is done right. Cathie admits that sometimes, towards the hotter end of the year, an ice-cream bribe is the best motivator!

The Wilston Scout Group believe that Cubs, Scouts and Venturers should be accessible for all families and the money they raise from the White Pages project helps to minimise fees so that more children have the opportunity to be involved, no matter what their socio-economic background. Some of the money raised is also used to purchase tents, equipment and ongoing Den maintenance. The group hold a major social event every year to strengthen their already solid ties within their community and broaden their reach. At Christmas time the Wilston Scouts also host an annual Seniors Christmas lunch where they bake a full Christmas lunch with the Cubs, Scouts and Venturers serving the Seniors and providing entertainment. Cathie said that they rely heavily on the revenue from the White Pages distribution to ensure this is possible.

When asked if the Wilston Scouts Group would participate again, Cathie said yes, “absolutely!” The best word used to describe the Group’s overall experience is “Great”.

GDR are very excited to have the Wilston Scout Group on board with us for not just this year’s White Pages campaign, but for the first time ever, they will also be participating in the Yellow Pages distribution!

To register your interest and apply to be part of the project, contact us on: 1800 876 673. We’d love to have you join our merry team!


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