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Gyms & Fitness Marketing

When it comes to fitness industry marketing, there are plenty of unique and engaging strategies that you can implement to increase the notoriety of your gym or fitness centre! For instance, your marketing strategy could include promotions that appeal to new clients, whilst offering an innovative and quirky loyalty program for existing clients – whatever it takes to get people to walk into your gym. In a crowded market like the fitness industry, it can sometimes be hard to break through the noise and reach your audience… and that’s where GDR can help!


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Just like building fitness and strength, the fitness industry is built on aspirational marketing strategies that are consistent and persistent. Here are some of our favourite strategies for gym marketing.


Social media

The fitness industry is booming on social media. Franchises and independent gyms alike are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share exciting new content and connect with their audiences! You can reach both new and old clients through social media with fun and creative content, high quality pictures and videos of your gym, and special offers for your followers.


Letterbox distribution

Flyer distribution is still one of the best marketing tools of our time. For gyms, putting a piece of physical marketing material into your local customers’ hands is a great way of directly promoting your business! We have a proven track record of success with Flyer Distribution campaigns for a range of fitness industry clients. With a well-designed flyer and targeted distribution, you will be able to generate greatly increased business within your local area!



As we mentioned, fitness industry marketing is difficult due to the vast amount of gyms vying for customer attention. If you can find a way to stand out from the masses and entice potential audiences with unique programs or challenges, exclusive events or incentive programs, your brand will generate much more recognition and traffic. We can work with you to figure out the best way to market your specific business so that you can stand out from your competitors and drive success!

Marketing Strategies for Gyms
“Just like building fitness and strength, successful fitness brands are built on aspirational marketing strategies that are consistent and persistent.”

GDR Group – Your Gym Marketing Agency

We’ve been working in the fitness industry for a long time. Like, a really long time. We know all the inside tips and tricks for creating a strong brand presence for your gym and reaching potential customers in your local area! Talk to one of our experienced team today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of digital marketing strategies are available for gyms?

Paid search PPC advertising is a great way for gyms to break into the digital market in their local area.


By targeting typical keywords that users search for when looking for a gym, and pinpointing the area around your business, we are able to drive your business to the top of search results through comprehensive Google AdWords management.


This way, high intent browsers in your area will find your business first. Additionally, organic Search Engine Optimisation can work well in conjunction with AdWords to bolster the natural rankings of your business in Google, and is a great long term solution for your business’ digital presence! And let’s not forget the immense power of Social Media Marketing! Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for gyms, allowing you to more closely connect with your customers and share behind-the-scenes photo and video.

Why is a marketing strategy important for my gym?
Having a plan is key to creating a strong brand, especially for marketing in the fitness industry.


By setting concise goals and creating a roadmap of activity for success, we can ensure that all of your marketing efforts give you great return on investment. By implementing the right marketing strategies, you’ll be able to increase sales and drive up profit at your gym in no time!

Can you help us engage our current members?
Yes! There are a number of great strategies that we can use to connect you more with your current gym members. Social media is a great way of creating a conversation around your gym with your customers, and building a strong brand presence.


There are also strategies available to make the most of member databases, by sending them offers and updates over email or by text. This creates an ongoing conversation between your business and your customers, and will greatly improve brand engagement!

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