Spread Your Story Far And Wide With Mass Media

Spread your story

Be seen and heard with a creative mass media campaign that WILL increase touch points with your audience.

Is your brand only using one channel to tell your story? You could be putting all of your eggs in one basket. A mass media campaign WILL raise your brand awareness tenfold, while still delivering valuable leads for your business.

Your customer WILL respond to a mass media campaign that uses emotive storytelling to make them FEEL and TAKE ACTION.

Your customer will be 52% more valuable with an emotional connection

In fact a study by Harvard Business Review found that your customer will be 52% more valuable if they have a deep, emotional connection with your brand.

Resulting in them not just hearing but listening to your brand.

 “There is a difference between being listened to and being heard”
– Gillian Anderson (American Actress)


Want your customer to listen to your brand?

GDR Media Group is here to write your business’s next chapter! Our independent agency prides itself on delivering creative campaigns that will make your brand stand out. Get in touch with us for your free marketing consultation today and lets think differently about your marketing strategy together.

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What Is Mass Media?

A mass media campaign will deliver your message based on the greatest reach possible.

When done correctly a mass media campaign will ensure your business is ALWAYS top of mind to your entire target audience.

To make your mass media campaign resonate you must use an innovative creative execution that utilises storytelling devices, thus making your campaign MEMORABLE. By being memorable you will achieve the best results!

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A Story Well Told Is A Story Well Sold

Research has found marketing campaigns rooted in storytelling will evoke emotion and create a deeper connection with your audience. If your customer associates an emotion with your brand they will recall it better and feel 65% more valued by you. (Source: Customer Thermometer)

65% feel more valued when emotionally connected

Using storytelling will bring life to your brand and develop a genuine reaction from your audience to your message.

Watch NRMA’s 60 second ‘Every Home is Worth Protecting’ campaign that’s currently playing on free to air television and on Youtube:

The video features a young boy and girl riding their bikes to a rural area affected by tree logging that endangers Koalas. The ad is a perfect example of storytelling that commands a personal connection from its audience.

This kind of advertising holds attention, whilst demonstrating that a brand cares about social issues. This is an increasingly important element of a brand’s story that will help your customer form a trustworthy connection with you and therefore make them a loyal costumer.

CLICK HERE to find out more about How Your Business’s Marketing Could Initiate Social Change

NRMA’s ad only has one reference to their brand, right at the end with their logo. However, because of the emotive story told its customers will remember what they saw and associate it with the brand who delivered it.

Get in touch today to find out how we can make your marketing meaningful and memorable!


A Multi-Channel Approach

A mass media campaign using one channel, such as TV or Radio, can be amplified through repurposing your content and tailoring your message across other channels too, such as social media or direct mail.

This approach will propel your message even further, giving your business a greater chance of being noticed AND result in better brand recognition.

Did you know on average it takes customers 5 to 7 impressions to remember your brand? (source: Pammarketing)

An always on, multi-channel strategy will ensure your message is consistently heard.

GDR Media Group is a full-service agency that can bring your message to the best channels for your brand. Our goal is ALWAYS the same: to make marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.


What Can GDR Media Group Do For You?

GDR Media Group is an independent agency that will help your brand reach your customers with memorable and meaningful campaigns. Storytelling is in our DNA and with this as the foundation of every service that we provide we can ensure that your campaigns are ALWAYS effective.

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🎯 Execute a meaningful mass media campaign for your campaign

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