Tailor Your Message To Ensure Advertising Success

Advertising Success

“72% of people are more likely to support brands that are authentic in their advertising”

Source: AW360


Your campaign message MUST be genuine and engaging to grow and retain your customer base. Your customer WILL respond to a message that speaks to them, aligns with their needs, and is creatively engaging.

When your audience can see a clear intention behind how your brand’s message is presented they will be more inclined to take action.

Genuine sincerity opens people’s hearts, while manipulation causes them to close

 – Daisaku Ikeda Japanese Philosopher


A genuinely, tailored message that uses creative emotive storytelling will elicit the results you’re looking for from your customer. Now slot this into our proven ‘AME’ formula to a targeted audience with a tactical execution and you’ll be on to a winning campaign!

Read on to find out how your next marketing campaign can lead the way with a purposeful message…

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Get To The Point

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. We know that an advert is there to sell you something but it’s the story and journey in between that will make your customer more likely to purchase. Your MESSAGE should STAND OUT so that your audience doesn’t lose interest or becomes uncertain with what they should do with your advert.

If you’re using print or a static ad this is where the creativity of how your message is presented is key. If you’re using audio or video you may have longer to hold your customer’s attention but make sure you get to the point of your message. The longer you try to hold your audience’s attention the more likely it is they may lose focus.



Be Clear

At every step of presenting your message there must be clarity.

For example, with copywriting keeping it simple can be just as effective as flooding your message with hyperbole. Take a look at KFC’s current COVID-friendly tagline.

Who knew ‘It’s Good’ could be just as poignant as ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’!?

While getting creative and thinking differently is often the key to differentiating your message from competitors make sure it still aligns with the final call out. It’s about being smart with your creativity and coming up with something that is different yet applicable to your message.

Check out this famous super bowl ad from Volkswagen in an article from TIME here. The advertisement harnessed an unrelated figure to Volkswagen in that of ‘Darth Vader’ from Star Wars. However, they successfully kept the message ultimately on topic and related it to their 2012 Passat model. Through harnessing relative creativity, your call out becomes memorable and is more likely to be recalled. It also helps your audience understand the intention behind the message so that they know how to react appropriately to what your brand is offering.


Use Your Message To Engage Your Audience

You want your audience to come with you for your call out, so what is the objective of the content that you are creating? Is it to sell, inform, educate or generate conversation? Whatever that may be you should be clear and directed in how your message is delivered toward the intended purpose.

Do not be afraid to engage your audience rather than go straight in with a hard sell.

79% of people say that user generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions (source: Oberlo)

By asking your audience to actively engage with your brand you’ll develop a deeper connection with them and can gather necessary data to retarget them!

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What is your USP?

To get your audience to trust your brand, you want your message to be genuine. When an audience trusts you they are more likely to consider becoming a loyal customer.

What are your proof points? Can you pull on customer testimonials? Do you have a heap of accolades or awards that you could utilise in your campaign?

86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands, they support. (Source Oberlo)

By demonstrating proof, your message becomes more trustworthy and respected. Can you show what your product will achieve before and after? If you’re a gym – do you have case studies from clients that have achieved their goals with you? Any service should be able to demonstrate their worth.

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What GDR Group can do for you

Here at GDR group we are a boutique marketing agency that specialises in partnering with brands such as yours to build creative authentic campaigns. Everything we practice is done with purpose as our mission is always the same: to make marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.

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