What Is The Best Marketing Channel For Your Business?

What is the best marketing channel for your business?

Channel Execution For Your Tailored Message

We have access to many channels at our fingertips to reach your customer with your message. However, we often decide on the channel to use before we dissect what our message is and how to engage our customers. The channel we decide on using should be the final step!

Our job as marketers is to find the optimum marketing channel that will:

Return the best ROI

Tell your story in the most creatively engaging way to your customer

Achieve the highest results!


Channel execution is also about the number of touchpoints that you choose to use to entice your customer to purchase your product.

Research shows that you should be using around 6 – 8 touchpoints for the greatest opportunity of conversion (source: Salesforce).

6-8 touchpoints with your audience will increase sales conversions

If we deliver the service and product that our customers are looking for in an attractive way. Making them aware of how your company can fulfil their needs and wants – we have succeeded…

“We don’t want to push our ideas onto customers, we simply want to  make what they want.”
– Laura Ashley (Fashion Designer & Business Person)

GDR Media Group is channel agnostic when it comes to choosing the right medium for your tailored message.

What does this mean? We will ensure the best marketing solution is used to deliver the most cost-effective results for your campaign.

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Inspiring Campaigns And The Channels They Used

The highest-performing companies use a consistent message across multiple channels to ensure they reach their customer in the most effective way.

A great example is Uber Eats who utilise many channels including: print, outdoor, and TV. Only entering the market in 2016, Uber Eats has since become a household name. The creative execution of their marketing campaigns have since landed with humour and consistency.

We’re sure you’ll all recognise their ‘Tonight, I’ll Be Eating…’ campaign which has featured some notable Australian icons:

So, what can we learn? The most important takeaway from Uber Eats is to create a consistent message across many channels to reach your target audience – to not only market products and offerings, but to increase brand awareness.


Make The Appropriate Move For Your Business

For example, if you’re a local gym, how do you reach your audience with geo-targeting? Take your tailored message to market with a creative print and distribution campaign, perhaps guerrilla marketing and digital paid campaigns to generate leads.


Reach Your Audience

We’ve said it many times before and we’ll say it again. No campaign is successful without research behind it. Remember your goal is to give the customer what they want.

Research, and data collection allows your brand to develop a message with more accuracy. It also allows you to see what channels and types of messages are best received by those that your brand aims to target. By clearly identifying your target audience, you’ll gain a sense of direction in your approach.


Be Measurable!

How are you tracking your campaign’s effectiveness? Are the correct processes in place to measure your campaign from execution to lead conversion?

What is a lead to you? Video views? Increased enquiries?

With QR codes a part of everyday life you could be utilising these to monitor your print campaigns.

Remember marketing is an ongoing process, there’s no one quick fix, but rather a constant process of learning what your audience responds best to. By constantly improving and adapting your methods, a multi-channel approach can be refined to maximise the effectiveness of converting leads.


What Will GDR Media Group Do For You?

GDR Media Group is a creative, independent agency that uses our winning AME formula (audience, message, execution) to make marketing meaningful. Think of us as your marketing sidekick, to help put your brand in the spotlight with an effective campaign that satisfies your audiences needs and emotes your desired response.


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