Why Your Customer’s Trust Is Essential For Business Success

How to increase customer trust AND profit for your business

Consumer confidence has fluctuated drastically in Australia in 2020 due to the pandemic (source: Trading Economics). With the outlook beginning to look more positive as COVID-19 suppression levels continue to improve, it’s more important than ever that your customer chooses your business to spend their money with. How can you do that? By improving customer trust!

81% of consumers say trust impacts their purchasing decisions

source: Forbes

Customers want to be able to trust who they purchase from. To do this they want a positive relationship and image of the brands they associate with. To earn your customers’ confidence, you must be HONEST in your branding and TRANSPARENT in your communications so that your image is one that is trustworthy.

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”
– Stephen R. Covey (American Educator and writer of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

The relationship between you and your customer is paramount to your business. By earning your customers’ trust your relationship is strengthened. Both you and your customer will benefit as a result.

Here at GDR we will tell your brand’s story to further your audience’s faith in your brand.

GDR Group is a boutique, creative multi-channel marketing agency with one overarching goal: to make your marketing meaningful and deliver tangible results.

We’re ready to support your brand story to further develop your customers’ trust.

Let Us Show You How

Steps to improve your customer’s trust TODAY

STEP 1: Improve Customer Satisfaction

Businesses are understanding that consumers place greater trust in fellow customers and “real people”. If customers are showcasing your product or service, the effectiveness of your lead generation will increase. We see this in social media posts raving about products and services or through review sites. Consider this statistic:

93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions (source: podium)

Think, how many times you have searched for a product online and gaged your purchase on ratings?

Recommendations from friends and family are 92% more trusted than all other advertising (source: Nielson)

It’s important to ensure that customers are getting the best possible service every step of the way when they engage with your business. In a digital age, word travels fast so it’s important to make sure your customer is satisfied.


STEP 2: Increase Community Management

Brands that are present with their customers harness true customer trust. Building on STEP 1, do you have team members monitoring customer reviews, dealing with complaints and sharing good news stories?

Increasing community management on all channels that customers can reach you on will improve customer trust. Your customer will positively acknowledge that any questions or queries they have will be responded to in a timely manner.

Improving the capacity to be transparent, honest and effectively communicate to a lead is THE step that could improve your conversions.

GDR Group can help you with this – Email us today 😉


STEP 3: Ensure Brand Consistency

Consistent branding can increase revenue by 33%

source: PR Newswire

This means developing a story for your brand that you maintain, increasing brand recognition. It makes your brand appear more stable and breeds customer confidence.

Here’s How To Develop Your Brand Story And Reach New Heights

What is one thing you want your customer to take away from your business’s purpose? By elevating the same great message in different ways, on various channels, the greater your customer recognition will be. Through this repetition of your slogan, logo or brand message, customers are more likely to remember your brand’s story and trust you.

Look at McDonald’s, their famous “I’m lovin’ it” slogan has been used since its launch in 2003. It is synonymous with the McDonald’s name and has become iconic with the brand. When you see those three words, you immediately think of those golden arches. A feat of strong branding done well, consistently.

McDonalds Balloon

Want to know how to best tell your story? Storytelling is in our DNA – give us a call today!


STEP 4: Genuinely Care About Your Customer

Customers care about what brands do. Wonder why people trust Nike? – Because they care. They care what customers think, they value feedback. They also care about issues that affect others, social injustices. Their response to the Black Lives Matter protest was commended by many as an amazing response from such an influential brand.

“The NIKE, Inc. family can always do more but will never stop striving to role model how a diverse company acts. We will continue our focus on being more representative of our consumers while doing our part in the communities we serve.” – John Donahoe, President and CEO of NIKE, Inc.


Your brand should be active in the community, an example for customers to follow. Not only will you be doing the right thing, but customers will trust you more. If customers can trust your brand to make the right choices and support better behaviours, then they will have more faith in your brand as a force for good.

Heineken launched a campaign in 2017 to demonstrate their brand activism and show how the beer can bring people together. Extending on their previous tag line ‘Open Your World’ their #WorldsApart story aimed to challenge social differences.

Encouraging meaningful discourse, the campaign reached global audiences in 150 countries, became a trending topic on Twitter and even had celebrities discussing the ad. Heineken used their social standing to encourage consumers to ‘focus on the things that unite us rather than divide us’.

Ok, not all brands have a platform like Nike or Heineken but no matter the size of your business you CAN listen to your audience and use local area marketing to communicate effectively and connect with your customers on a smaller scale.

GDR Group has 40 years of experience as local area marketing specialists. We can help 😉


How GDR Group Can Help You Improve Customer Trust

We will develop a genuine brand story to increase its authenticity and communications with your customer. We practice what we preach with transparency in all that we do, no overselling, just tangible results. Become our customer so we can help YOUR customer.

By working with us we’ll make sure that your customers see confidence and stability in your brand and trust you over your competition.

GDR Group will:

Customer Trust Takeaways

Our goal is always the same.
To make your marketing meaningful & deliver tangible results.


The above WILL harness brand trust and drive HIGHER PROFIT for your business.

What are you waiting for?

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